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Stage 5: for age group 12-14, include a selection of videos for junior youth, parents, teachers & community members with emphasis on service and its importance in self-recognition and awareness of one's talents. Here, with the selection of innovations we continue to cover the entire spectrum of social, economic and ecological dimensions of life as we try to inspire the junior youth to tap into their imagination and innovate to build a better world and define the future as they continue on their path of success.


5000 Series


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 5000 United Nations: transitioning from MDG to SDG UNDP


Zooming out from Earth



What is innovation?



71 amazing innovations of all time



What are the world's most challenging issues



10 Best inventions of 2019



The Millinium Technology Prize



Denmark Seen from Above



The story of Albert Einstein



What if the world was one country



Build Self Confidence



The Alps Heavenly Nature



Confidence & Success



A global History of women's rights



5 signs you lack confidence



Believe in yourself



Motivational Video - Tony Robbins



Top 10 "Good" Countries



Gandhi - Human Rights Activist



The Future of Civilization



Raising Creativity



Beautiful Nature Around the World



What is ART?



History of Ideas



Why modern art is so expensive?



Art of Peace



Hands of Peace



Italy by drone



Leonardo Da Vinci - Renaissance Artist & Inventor



Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Art



Food Choices Documentary


 5031 Cosmos: Space Odyssey  
 5032 What is good health?  
 5033  Health in ancient times  
 5034  Forks over Knives  
 5035 Filmmaker discusses Forks orver Knives  
 5036 5 delicious Vegan Recipes  
 5037  10 Healthiest Countries in the World  
 5038  Dr. Campbell's "The China Study"  
 5039  Food Economics: What if the world went vegan?  
 5040  Welcome to the Startup jungle  
 5041  USA for Africa - We Are the World  
 5042  What is a community?  
 5043 The History of Civilization  
 5044  The Rich, the poor and the trash  
 5045  Community innovation story so far  
 5046  Habitat for Humanity home builders  
 5047  Partnering to create a community in Zambia  
 5048  Barack Obama Story  
 5049 The Baha'i World View  
 5050  Innovation Movie: A documentary  
 5051  The scale of the visible universe  
 5052  Why do we learn science?  
 5053  Timeline of major scientific inventions &discoveries  
 5054  Science in America  
 5055  7 technologies that will change our world  
 5056  The history of Apple  
 5057  Inside the $5 Billion Apple Headquarters  
 5058  The Story of Steve Jobs  
 5059  The World in 2050  
 5060  Our Planet: A documentary  
 5061  Love Song to the Earth  
 5062  What is a habitat?  
 5063  Our relationship with the natural world  
 5064  Most polluted places in world  
 5065  Carbon Capture Plant  
 5066  Car-Free Cities  
 5067  MASDAR - City of the Future  
 5068  The Story of Walt Disney  
 5069  Habitat of the Future  
 5070  A Banker for the Poor  
 5071  Saint Martins Island, Bangladesh  
 5072  Social Enterprise 101  
 5073  Celebrating 25 years of Social Enterprise  
 5074  Top 10 current global issues  
 5075  Banking on India's Women  
 5076  Africa: Water & Sanitation Projects  
 5077  Bangladesh: Raw Beauty  
 5078  Sustainability Ride to Villages  
 5079  Saving Africa's Future  
 5080  Changing the world one heart at a time  
 5081  Drone over Africa  
 5082  15 Social Entrepreneurs and their crazy ideas  
 5083  Bringing Light to Indian Slums  
 5084  Social Entrepreneurs changing Africa  
 5085  Meet Donovan: a Young Social Entrepreneur  
 5086  School for Social Entrepreneurs  
 5087  Young African Social Entrepreneurs  
 5088  Chan Zuckerburg Initiative  
 5089  How Social Entrepreneurs are changing the world  
 5090  Sustainability  
 5091 Nature Up North  
 5092 Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources  
 5093  Stories from the Stone Age  
 5094  Why natural resources use matters?  
 5095  Clean Energy Solutions  
 5096  Countries on 100% Renewable Energy  
 5097  Who is leading in renewable energy?  
 5098  The Story of Elon Musk  
 5099  The Future of Renewables  

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