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We are constantly doing research to identify innovative initiatives worldwide that address social, economic and ecological balance through personal development, community building, institutional maturity, artistic work, scientific discovery, service projects, healthcare, environmental programs and protection of natural resources. These initiatives are the guiding light for a brighter future and lead us on the path to higher levels of unity, prosperity and health.

The following links are examples of some of these innovative initiatives:
350.org   ASHOKA innovators for the public   Gates Foundation   Village Forward   Urban Farming   
One Laptop per Child   Grameen Foundation   CARFREE City   Sustainable Cities 
MASDAR City   Alta Bicycle Share   Public Transportation   Spacewell Housing Development
Container Homes   One Acre Fund   The Relationship Economy   Nutrition & Health
Public Broadcasting Service    Social Enterprise  Gerald R. Ford Foundation

Obama Foundation   Clinton Global Initiative   Bush Foundation   The Carter Center



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