Human civilization has been advancing throughout history and now approaching the GOLDEN AGE ...

..... a united, prosperous and sustainable global community.

We are now gaining great momentum as we enter a new stage of transformation where our development as a global community is moving forward in unprecedented ways in achieving social, economic and ecological balance through tremendous amount of innovation that is improving the quality of our lives. Essentially, we are establishing the foundation of a new civilization while observing the disintegration of the outdated concepts, practices and structures.

GOLDEN AGE TV provides a large selection of videos and documentaries of the latest innovations from around the world for various age groups to inspire us to innovate, build a better world and move forward towards the GOLDEN AGE.  

GOLDEN AGE TV is focused on the "Path of Success" program developed by Center for Balanced Development for children, youth and adults. The videos and documentaries are carefully selected to educate the viewer with the latest innovations that are improving social, economic & ecological balance in our global community. The goal is to inspire various age groups to innovate to build a better world, define the future and and contribute to the advancement of civilization.


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